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We started first ever Hot Dip Galvanizing factory in the State of Qatar in the year 1998

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SEASHOREGROUP is one of the largest multi-disciplined business enterprises in the State of Qatar operating from its permanent base in AI Khor about 50 km north of Doha City. The owner and Chairman of the Group, Mr. Saeed Salem Al Mohannadi, a Qatari businessman, and the Managing Director, Mr.Mohamed Ali, an Indian entrepreneur, established the company in 1989. SEASHORE Group now comprises Fifteen Divisions that are operated by highly qualified Managers, Engineers, Technical and Management professionals, skilled technicians and tradesmen, and supported by a wide range of plants, machineries, equipment and vehicles, well-equipped factories, workshops and laboratory and fully-equipped camp facilities for its staff and workers.
Seashore started the first ever Hot Dip Galvanizing factory in the State of Qatar in the year 1998 — The dawn of a new era in the growth of Group as well as in the history of Qatar. A professionally managed ISO 9001 :2008 Certified company with experienced workers, the factory is successfully serving the
national and international clients fully complying with international standards.


The hot dip Galvanizing facility is situated in Al khor industrial Area, Building No.: 16, Zone: 74, Street No: 8. Al khor Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar, P.O Box. 60100 and is operated by experienced and qualified team. The production capacity of the plant is 10000Mt/Year. The facility consists of Pre Treatment Area, Heating Furnace, Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace and Post Treatment Area.

Standards and Codes for Hot Dip Galvanizing

British Standard (BSI): BS EN ISO 2009 : 1461 (Formerly BS 729 & BS EN ISO 1999 : 1461) American Standards: ASTM A 123/ A 123M, ASTM A 143/ A 143M, ASTM A153/ A 153M, ASTM A 384/ A384M, ASTM A 385/A 385M, ASTM A 767/ A 767 M, ASTM A 780/ A780M,ASTM B6, ASTM D 6386, ASTM E 376  Qatar Standards: Qatar Construction Specification 2014 (QCS 2014)

Design of Structures for
Hot Dip Galvanizing

Certain standard practices shall be followed in designing the structures for effective and safe galvanizing and also for improving the quality of galvanized coating on structures. In seashore galvanizing factory, We provide total solution to our clients and customers by providing them all technical support and advises, in the initial stage of designing of structures itself, there by achieve the best quality of galvanizing.

Duplex System of Coating

Applying two coats of paint over hot dip galvanized structures is considered to be the best corrosion protection system for steel structures. It provide barrier protection as well as cathodic protection also. Studies have proved that, duplex system of coating doubles the life of steel.

Hot Dip Galvanizing of Concrete Reinforcement Bars

Concrete normally provides corrosion protection to embedded reinforcing steels. However this protection is easily breached by the intrusion of chloride ions and other contaminants in to the concrete due to aggressive environment, poor design or workmanship. In this situation, the steel reinforcement begins to corrode and damage to the concrete is very soon and inevitable. This is completely eliminated by using hot dip galvanized bars in place of epoxy coated bars. Hot dip galvanizing can be carried out even after
cutting and bending of the steel form work.

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